There are several types of blenders available on the market, but which one should you use? And why should you?

There are several types of blenders to choose from. Which model best suits your situation depends on your wishes and requirements. Read more about the various types below, so you can choose your best variant like the Vitamix a2300 Vs a2500.

Multifunctional blender

A blender grinds fruits and vegetables into a smooth whole with a rotating blade. Therefore, a blender is also a perfect smoothie maker and soup maker. All the goodness is preserved, because nothing is lost in terms of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Ice cubes and nuts can often be crushed in the appliance as well. You can easily clean blenders by taking everything apart and holding it under the tap.

With a juice extractor, only the juice from the fruits and vegetables you put in is used. The result is therefore immediately easy to drink. Often you can add the ingredients with peel and all in (just wash!). They are then pushed through a rotating grater, releasing their juice separately from their pulp. The disadvantage of a juicer is that it’s really only suitable for making a juice, whereas with a blender you can do much more.


There are special slowjuicers on the market that counteract the disadvantages of juicers. For example, a slow juicer does retain all the vitamins and minerals, which is not the case with a juicer. The name says it all: a slow juicer takes it easy. It first slowly crushes the ingredients before it turns them into juice. You pay a little more for this, but you really taste the difference.

What’s the difference with a hand blender?

Probably you know the hand blender, also a great device for blending. The advantage of a hand blender is that you can manually focus on certain parts of the mixture that could use some extra smoothing. You can also use it separately, for example, in a pan on the stove. The blades of a hand blender, however, are not as strong and large as those of a blender. If you’re looking for a powerful device with a separate mixing cup, you’re better off buying a blender than a stand mixer.

Which blender is the best buy for you?

Buying a good blender means thinking about the features that suit your needs and requirements. Do you already know if you need a lot of power or little power? What type of mixing container do you want (plastic is cheaper, glass is better), how many liters do you want to be able to mix (less than 1.5 liters or more) and what are your expectations in terms of safety? Answer these questions for yourself and you will know exactly what the ‘blender best buy’ is for you.

Blender trends

Of course, blenders are getting better and better. For example, the brand Vitamix makes blender blades turn so fast that you can make hot soup with it in six minutes, without having to use a stove or microwave. We’re also seeing larger and larger mixing bowls on the market, so you can make smoothies for the whole family. And you may be familiar with the Blendtec brand videos showing how their blades are so sharp and their blenders so powerful that they can blend anything, even smartphones!